'Why do you care?'
‘Expetro petronoum’
‘Lily? After all this time?’
‘Always’ -Severus Snape

The only one thing that you can trust in this word is God, only God.

Jika tidak bisa memiliki apa yang kita sukai, sukailah apa yang telah kita miliki

Why does it seems like the destiny is playing me?

“Barusan lo bilang ngga bisa berenang! Kenapa mau main ke tengah laut? Lo nggak takut tenggelam?”

“Nggak, karena gue yakin kok, lo pasti nolong gue kalau gue tenggelam.”

Mereka boleh tahu kalau aku mengaguminya dengan bahagia, tapi tak seorang pun boleh tahu kalau aku mencintainya dengan merana.

You lied to me. I know you would never fulfill your words. I’ve never asked you to make a promise. Why can’t you just be honest? You know, the only one person that I hate the most is a liar. Really.

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